Water Damage Removal

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Water Damage Removal

Water Damage Removal is not always something that presents itself as an instant disaster. It can go unobserved for weeks or months before the signs of its destruction occur. This can, and most often includes the presences of mold and mildew. Whether this is the case, or it’s a sudden water disaster that occurs, it is imperative that our professionals be called in immediately.

With us being available 24/7, there is no need to put off the immediate water removal and water remediation services that are in demand.
One of the biggest mistakes a person can make that find themselves faced with water damage is to attempt to rectify the problem themselves.

It takes highly trained water restoration specialists to first identify the extent of the water damage, ensure the cause has been removed, and then continue on with the proper water restoration techniques required.

It not only takes the experience of qualified water damage restoration experts, but water disasters produce the need for highly technical water removal equipment, and trained technicians to operate it. This is not something the homeowner is capable of putting into place. In order to restore and preserve your precious possessions, it is imperative that you call in the Perez experts immediately. Aside from the major water damage, the aftermath of the disaster is of prime importance. The longer items such as collectibles, works of art and even incidental belongings remain exposed to the water, damage is ongoing.

Often there is a sigh of relief when the source of the water damage is eliminated. Many people subjected to water mishaps have no prior knowledge of just how devastating the outcome of the water disaster can be. This is why it is imperative to act quickly in getting our qualified professionals on site immediately.


Water Damage can be measured by the clock:

The first few minutes of water damage:

  • Water spreads
  • Furniture discolors, dyes in carpets run
  • Paper components disintegrate
  • Noxious odors occur


The first few hours of water damage:

  • Furniture begins to peel and separate,
  • Walls comprised of sheetrock swell and bubble, and wall paper peels
  • Sour odors become evident as a result of bacteria

The first few days of water damage:

  • Mildew becomes evident
  • Internal components of furniture such as musical items begin to expand
  • Metal surfaces show the first signs of rust
  • Window casings and door jams swell

The first few weeks of water damage:

  • Surface damage to all components begins to permeate the internal structures of item that were exposed to the  damage.
  • Potential Water Hazards
  • Water Type Water Sources Procedure
  • Clean water damage

Hoses, pipe eruptions, hot water supply sources, lines provide water i.e.icemakers

  • Safety inspection followed by assessment
  • Protection of unaffected areas
  • Water extraction
  • Anti microbial treatment
  • Anti Mold and mildew procedures
  • Report to Insurance and client

Grey Water - Catergory 2


  • Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, water beds
  • Safety inspection followed by assessment
  • Protection of unaffected areas
  • Water extraction
  • E.P.A. Approved disinfectant application
  • Drying process

Follow up inspection meeting with Insurance Co. and client


Black Water Damage Sewer Backup, River Flooding - Category 3

  • Safety and health inspection followed by assessment
  • Implementation of protection gear
  • Controlled removal of contaminated non restorable items
  • Water removal
  • Hot water pressure washing of salvaged items
  • Biocide Treatment
  • Environmental testing to confirm efficacy.