Sewage Cleanup

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Sewage Cleanup

Out of all the types of potential water damage that can occur and they are all devastating sewage water damage creates even greater risks. Sewage cleanup should never be attempted by anyone other than experts in the field.

The affiliated hazards that come with sewage flood disaster can include serious health risks. This type of water contains bacteria that can be spread through cross contamination or improper water removal.

The highly trained and certified sewage cleanup technicians know what steps have to be taken to first insure the safety of you and your family. Then following this proper containment of the affect area is a priority. Only then will our experts continue on with the task of sewage cleanup followed by sewage restoration.

The moment you discover a sewage water disaster there are only two things that you are required to do. The first is to place a call to us immediately. The second is remove yourself well away from the contaminated area and wait for the professionals to arrive which will be within the hour.

Upon our arrival you can rest easy because your sewage cleanup will be in our hands. The following steps will be implemented immediately:

  • An immediate inspection will be conducted to ensure the safety of you and your family
  • An assessment to determine the extent of water damage will be done
  • Non contaminated items will be removed from the area for safety
  • The contaminated area will be contained
  • All non salvageable items will be disposed of in a safe manner
  • The sewage cleanup procedures will then be implemented with the water extraction
  • Drying procedures using state of the art equipment will be implemented
  • Sanitization used accredited anti microbial products will be used and deodorization will be implemented
  • Finally sewage damage restoration will be completed.


Along with not having to worry about your safety ,or getting your life back to its normal pre sewage damage state, you won't need to worry about dealing with your Insurance Company either. We have a great deal of experience in working with Insurance Companies which will help to reduce your financial concerns at this stressful time.