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Odor Removal

Unpleasant odors can appear in a home or business environment for any number of reasons. Pervasive, lingering smells often require professional help to control or remediate. The team of odor removal experts at High Velocity Restoration understands the potentianegative effects that can result from a foul or stubborn odor.

Structural Drying

Structural drying is a simple concept: Remove excess moisture from wet materials that make up the structure until it reaches a reasonable approximation of a dry standard or goal. Therefore, drying wet buildings involves removing trapped moisture in building materials (e.g. drywall, dimensional lumber, concrete, etc.).

Mold Remediaiton

First it's important to understand that mold is a natural organism that is present abundantly outdoors. It serves an important purpose such as decomposing organic materials, such as wood and plant materials, for example.

The problem is however, that mold will sometimes invade our homes, where this is not their natural environment, and this can then create a hazardous situation for one's health and can also be very destructive to the home components. These situations demand the need for mold removal.

Contents Packout

Just like your home or business, your personal property can take a hit after a natural disaster. Fire, flooding, smoke, mold, and hoarding situations can all lead to damage to the items in your home or business. Sometimes, you don’t even know if an item is salvageable until property restoration services take a look.
Sewage Cleanup

Out of all the types of potential water damage that can occur and they are all devastating sewage water damage creates even greater risks. Sewage cleanup should never be attempted by anyone other than experts in the field.

The affiliated hazards that come with sewage flood disaster can include serious health risks. This type of water contains bacteria that can be spread through cross contamination or improper water removal.

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