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Being considered experts in the field of water damage water restoration and mold remediation covers many different areas and has many different demands.

To be considered as experts in water removal it means being highly trained in the different and most efficient methods to carry out this task quickly. It demands the use of state of the art water extraction equipment. These are all areas that the highly competent water extraction technicians at High Velocity Restoration are highly trained in. Combined with their education and the leading technology equipment that is at their disposal, these experts are able to go to work quickly to remove the water, and put a halt to its devastating and damaging capabilities.

Professionals, such as those found here at High Velocity Restoration, are required to implement many techniques that are required in cost effective water restoration services. This requires the expert knowledge that our experts possess in the use of equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, and thermal hygrometers to assess the water moisture that remains after the initial water removal. To ensure the proper drying process, the High Velocity Restoration will implement and rely on wall cavity injection systems to dry internal components of the walls.

Hardwood floors are thoroughly dried out with the use of mat drying systems and the air moisture is disseminated by the use of industrial fans and eliminated with dehumidifiers. Knowing how and when to use these various pieces of equipment is the key to success for water removal and water restoration, something each and every professional at High Velocity Restoration possesses.

Mold and mildew is always a source of concern after water damage or even undetected water leakage. There are various forms of mold that can be hazardous to the health. Our mold experts at High Velocity Restoration have been highly trained and certified in mold and mildew identification and its removal, and then followed their training in mold restoration.

If sewage has been the source of the water disaster, this too is a problem that is easily solved with the expertise that the High Velocity Restoration professionals possess. The contaminants will be safely removed, the applicable areas disinfected, and odor removal techniques will be implemented. Following this, water damage remediation will be applied.

When it comes to water damage there is no job too small or too big, that the specialists at High Velocity Restoration cannot handle.

Cost is always a consideration when water disasters strike, and this too is something that the staff at High Velocity Restoration can handle with their quality level of expertise and experience in dealing with Insurance Companies. High Velocity Restoration can be relied upon to fill out the required paperwork, compile the necessary reports and invoice your Insurance Company direct, thereby relieving you of another stressful task.

High Velocity Restoration is there for you when the need is there.